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​How It Works


Our process is simple and effective. Upon subscribing to RescueMyPets, you'll have the opportunity to designate two trusted nominees who will receive daily prompts on your behalf. These prompts act as a check-in to confirm your well-being and ability to care for your pets.

Flexibility and Control


We believe in providing our users with control and flexibility. At any step of the process, you can manually reset your status to one by using the RESET STATUS button if you are able to do so. This ensures that you retain full authority over your pets' care and well-being.

Prompt Response Levels


We operate on a prompt response system with escalating levels of urgency. If you respond to the daily prompt, your status is reset to one, and all is well. However, if you miss responding on Day 2, your status advances to two, and an additional prompt is sent to your nominees. Failure to respond for three consecutive days raises your status to three, triggering an alarm sent to your nominees to remind them of their responsibilities.

Ensuring Your Pets' Care


In the event of continued unresponsiveness on Day 4, your status reaches four, indicating a serious problem with your device accessibility. At this point, an alarm is sent to your nominees, urging them to perform the actions agreed upon to ensure your pets' care. If necessary, they will arrange a visit to your home to attend to your pets' needs.



Don't leave your pets' future to chance. Join RescueMyPets today and grant yourself peace of mind, knowing that your beloved companions will always be looked after, no matter the circumstances. Subscribe now and create a safety net for your pets' future.



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